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Businesses ‘soldier on despite subsidence’

Companies situated on the Brighton waterfront are weathering the storm of a collapse of the seafront promenade following subsidence in the area.

A number of businesses on Kings Road have been affected by a major cave in of the route following routine work to repair a leak at the Fortune of War pub in the Kings Road Arches on Friday morning (April 18th), local publication the Argus reports.

The workmen uncovered a six ft diameter hole that had grown beneath the road and contacted the local council to raise their concerns. The road has now been closed as an assessment of the extent of the subsidence issue is carried out.

Robert Grzywaczewski, duty manager at Brighton’s Umi Hotel, told the news provider: “On the first day we were told that we might have to evacuate but fortunately that wasn’t the case. We have heard nothing since then.

“The only problem is there’s limited access to the Russell Road Car Park and guests have to move further down the road to get a taxi.”

Businesses in the area affected by the issue have stated they will continue to open their doors despite the route now being closed.

Laurence Hill, manager of the Fortune of War, commented: “We are still open except for the fact that we have had to shut off the back area.”

A project to stabilise ground in the area is now being formulated by the local council. However, it remains to be seen how long it will be before the road can be reopened to all traffic and visitors.

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