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Braunton flood defence improvement underway

Following flooding in Braunton, Devon last December that caused damage to more than 60 homes, the Environment Agency has got underway on the improvement of flood defence for the village.

Despite the fact a £1.2 million flood defence project was completed in the area just six months ago, the agency has begun a new £100,000 scheme that will see properties across the area receive additional protection once complete, BBC News reports.

The scheme includes the raising of approximately an additional 330 ft of embankment in Braunton’s Memorial Gardens, as well as improvements to sections of the riverside walls.

Describing the most recent flooding incident in Braunton, local resident Andy Beeston told the BBC: “The water became an extension of the river and it was just a torrent of water flowing right through the square.

“Braunton has flooded several times in the last century and when dealing with nature, wherever you plug a hole, the water will find somewhere else to come out.”

Despite the widespread flooding that led to up to 18 inches of water invading many properties across the area in December, the Environment Agency argued its flood defences that had been in place at the time helped to protect dozens more homes that could have been hit by the rising waters.

As such, it is keen to carry out this latest raft of flood protection improvements in the hope that more homes will be protected should the skies open and heavy rainfall be witnessed again this coming winter.

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