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Brake: Zero tolerance for at-work drink drivers

Road safety charity Brake has called for a zero tolerance approach to individuals who are found to be over the legal alcohol limit, and effectively become drink drivers while in charge of a vehicle at work.

According to research published part of the organisation’s ongoing Fleet Safety Forum, more than half of all businesses with staff who drive as part of their daily duties do not have a regular alcohol and drug testing policy in place (55 and 57 per cent respectively).

Fewer than half (44 per cent) of employers stated they would dismiss an employee if they were found to be over the alcohol limit while driving for work purposes, while only 62 per cent said they would take disciplinary action against an individual found to have drugs in their system.

Moreover, only 50 per cent of businesses currently educate their staff regarding the dangers of drink and driving, while this figure is slightly lower when it comes to risks associated with taking drugs and getting behind the wheel of a vehicle (47 per cent).

Research and information officer at Brake Laura Woods commented: “We’re appealing to all employers with staff who drive for work to ensure their drivers know the risks, know the rules and know that breaking the rules will not be tolerated.

“People who drive for work should be clear that there is no safe amount to drink before driving – not a drop.”

She added the fact so many employers are taking such a lax attitude to the behaviour of their driving staff is “worrying” and a tougher approach to employee behaviour is now required.

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