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Brake supports 20 mph scheme in Norfolk

Road safety charity Brake is supporting a community-funded campaign in Yaxham, Norfolk to have roads in the vicinity of a local primary school rebranded with 20 mph speed limits.

The local authority took action four years ago to install zig-zag markings outside Yaxham Primary School in a bid to improve the safety of pupils, but campaigners continue to believe that children are being put in danger, due to fast-moving traffic.

As a result, concerned parents have now formed the ’20’s plenty’ action group and is calling on Norfolk County Council to take further steps to safeguard all vulnerable groups in the area by reducing the limit to 20 mph.

According to the body, there have been at least two near misses in the area recently and the new reduced speed limit should therefore be put in place as soon as possible before someone is either killed or seriously injured.

Ed Morrow, campaigns officer at Brake, said: “Everyone – adults and children – should be able to walk and cycle in their communities, to get to school or work, or for their health and enjoyment, without being put in danger by fast traffic.

“We have a duty to our children to create a safe environment for them to live and learn, and to enjoy the places where they live.”

Racheal Higgins, school governor and chair of ’20’s plenty’, added the whole community is behind the initiative and welcomes the support of such high-profile road safety campaigners as Brake.

However, she added the area should not have to wait until a serious accident takes place for affirmative action to now be taken.

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