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Brake highlights drink drive attitude improvement

Road safety charity Brake has published new research highlighting a considerable improvement in attitudes by motorists towards drink drive offenses over the last decade.

According to a new poll from the organisation, which was completed in collaboration with Direct Line, 68 per cent of vehicle operators would now never drive after having a drink – up from 49 per cent of respondents when the survey was last carried out a decade ago.

Furthermore, out of the 1,000 Brits who took part in this latest research, four-fifths (81 per cent) noted they would avoid driving the morning after a big night out for fear of still being over the drink-drive limit – up from 72 per cent.

This all represents a positive shift in attitudes by the majority of drivers, but there are still others who are not heeding the importance of the ‘do not drink and drive’ message.

Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive at Brake, commented: “Our current drink-drive limit is a dangerous relic: research has shown a lower limit is far safer; hence almost all other countries in Europe have reduced theirs.”

Ms Townsend added reducing the current limit from 80 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood to just 20 mg would demonstrate a zero tolerance approach to drink-driving that would have a significant impact on offender numbers.

“If you drive, pledge to never drink any alcohol before getting behind the wheel and if you have a designated driver, make sure they stay completely off the booze,” she concluded.

Drinking and driving is an offence that should never be condoned and here at GSI Insurance Services (Southern) Limited we encourage all motorists to stay safe when out on the roads at all times.

However, that said, we understand that some drivers may have fallen foul of the law in the past when it comes to exceeding the drink-drive limit and we pride ourselves on being able to ascertain the best deals on drink drive car insurance after individuals have paid their debt to society.

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