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Brake highlights 20 mph calls

Individuals up and down the country have highlighted their desire to see more 20 mph zones rolled out in order to improve road safety in residential areas.

Almost four out of five respondents (78 per cent) to research published by charity Brake stated they wish to see an increase in the use of slower speed limits in areas surrounding schools, homes and in town and village centres, as this would help to reduce the risk of vulnerable people being involved in serious accidents.

Speeding is one of the biggest issues when it comes to road deaths in the UK and a stronger clampdown on this behaviour is therefore required.

Brake highlighted the fact that in areas where 20 mph zones have already been implemented there has been a considerable reduction in accident rates, such as in Portsmouth (down 22 per cent) and the London borough of Camden (down 54 per cent).

Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive of Brake,┬ácommented: “We need to tackle the senseless and violent casualties that continue to happen daily on our roads, and we need to enable people to live healthy, active, social lives.

“It’s clear that 20 mph limits in communities can help bring this about – and it’s clear this is what people want.”

Overall, Brake stated that when braking, vehicles travelling at 20 mph are able to come to a stop in approximately half the distance of a car travelling at 30 mph. This therefore considerably reduces both the number and severity of accidents in areas where 20 mph limits are now in force.

Individuals who flout the law and travel at excessive speed run the risk of facing serious convictions and the prospect of increased insurance costs as a result.

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