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Bolton homeowners ‘furious’ over subsidence issue

A group of homeowners in Bolton are reportedly “furious” with the manager of their property after a subsidence issue has led to their homes becoming “uninhabitable”.

Neighbours Anthony Ramsden and Bernadette Houseman live in a semi-detached house on the corner of MacDonald Avenue and Lucas Road in Bolton and the pair have seen a major change in their homes over the last year.

This Is Lancashire reports the property now slopes by as much as six inches from corner to corner, but social housing provider Bolton At Home is unwilling to take action to rectify the problem.

First noticed more than one year ago, the issue has become gradually worse over the following months and now the residents argue more should be done to fix the issue, especially as Ms Houseman has five children living at the address.

She told the news provider: “There is a foot of water under the floorboards, which is obviously making the floors damp and bumps in the kitchen floor.

“My kitchen ceiling is coming down, we’ve got serious leaks.

“A structural surveyor said he was surprised I hadn’t fallen out of my bed, the house slopes that much.”

Bolton At Home has now agreed to affect repairs to plaster cracks that have emerged in the adjoining properties, but has stated it will not address any subsidence issue for at least 12 months, as it carries out an independent survey on the extent of the problem.

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