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Black box car insurance cover – What is it?

Here at GSI Insurance, we’re NOT one of those motor insurance providers that flinch every time they hear the expression “young driver” and have a number of black box car insurance options available!

Believe it or not, the team here were young once and we remember just how punitive car insurance can be when you’re either learning to drive or just newly qualified. Rather than just sympathise though, we decided to do something about it and that’s where our black box insurance had its origins.

What it is – summary

Black box insurance has, at its heart, a very simple proposition. That is our firm belief that:

  • the majority of young drivers recognise the need to drive sensibly;
  • that majority should not be penalised with high insurance premiums due to the actions of a few irresponsible younger drivers or those who perhaps exceed sensible driving parameters in a given situation, due to their inexperience.

That sense of proportion happens to coincide with the latest developments in technology which now mean that it’s possible to track just how people are driving and when. That system is called “Telematics” and it works by connecting to your car’s monitoring instruments – usually through an invisible or near invisible black box located under your dashboard.

So, install that system and meet our definitions of sensible driving and the result will typically be a significant reduction in your insurance premium.

How it works

Aimed typically at 17-18 year olds, black box car insurance and its associated technology couldn’t be simpler:

  • the black box is installed in your car;
  • it collects data about your driving and sends that to us;
  • providing you don’t drive between 11pm and 5am, you’ll benefit from a reduced premium;
  • you too can see the data as it’s collected;
  • at the end of your first year, we’ll analyse the data to see what your annual mileage is and how fast you’re driving. Based upon those real facts and figures, we’ll calculate a premium that should again typically be substantially more attractive than one based upon guesswork in terms of your driving behaviours. In fact, you might earn up to a 40% discount;
  • this applies to provisional licence holders and those with a new full licence.

Do note that if you take this offer on the above basis, you’ll be making a commitment to us about your driving behaviours. If you break that by driving within the prohibited hours, you’ll incur a charge of £100 for every occurrence.

The logic

If you’re wondering why we concentrate on those hours, the position is straightforward.

Statistically, younger drivers are far more likely to have accidents within that period. The reasons for that might be many but driving after a night out is one obvious example. So, experience has shown us that if younger drivers do not drive between 11pm and 5am, the chances of them having an accident reduce.


We’re totally committed to bringing affordable motor vehicle insurance to younger drivers. Black box car insurance is part of our total solutions portfolio and it may help you to find affordable cover in your early driving years.

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