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Bidding underway on large-scale London flood contract

The Environment Agency (EA) has announced the opening of bidding for contractors for the Thames Estuary Phase 1 programme – a project which will focus on the refurbishment, replacement and improvement for Thames estuary flood defences with the aim to reduce the risk of a London flood.

Following the completion of a wide-ranging study to ascertain the tidal flood risk of the Thames estuary by the EA, the combined issues of ageing flood defences, climate change and rising sea levels have all been taken into account.

The report surmised improvements are now needed to protect the English capital from the prospect of future flooding and therefore the EA has launched its new Thames Estuary 2100 Plan – the first major flood protection project in the UK to have environmental changes at its core.

International bidders are now being sought to take part in the project that will see ongoing renewal and improvement works that aim to keep the capital’s flood defences viable until at least 2070.

This initial tender process will see firms bidding for capital investment in the first ten years of the London flood protection scheme, with high levels of interest in the programme predicted by the EA.

A deadline for involvement has not yet been set by the agency. However, interested parties are invited to contact the EA for more information regarding the scheme.

Peter Quarmby, Thames estuary flood risk programme director, said: “This is a major investment which will create jobs and protect future generations of Londoners from tidal flooding and the impacts of a changing climate.

“The Thames Barrier and associated tidal flood risk management infrastructure protects 1.25 million people, £200 billion worth of property, UK government, major infrastructure and businesses. In London, every £1 we invest on protecting communities saves £38 in damage repair.”

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