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Benefits of using a local broker

There is something at once both reassuring and cost effective in buying your needs from a local broker. Drop by one of the more successful restaurants in your town, for instance, and you are almost certain to find that great stress is placed on its locally sourced produce.

You are likely to place your trust and confidence in it since it comes from the area in which you live – and it may be cheaper into the bargain.

Strange as it might seem, buying your insurance from a local broker might also inspire the same trust, confidence and value for money.

GSI Insurance

Here at GSI Insurance, we make insurance from a local broker a realistic and money saving option:

  • you are able to place just where we are – Whitstable, in Kent, to be precise;

we offer a level of personal service you are unlikely to find when dealing with a major, national chain of insurance providers;

  • when you call us – on one of our dedicated lines – you may be sure of speaking to a “real person” and not the disembodied and anonymous voice of a large call centre;
  • we indulge in “active listening” to ensure that we accurately understand your individual insurance needs – including some that you yourself might have overlooked;
  • armed with that understanding, we are then able to match your needs with the most suitable and appropriate insurance products on the market – whether you are looking for motor, breakdown, home, business or even caravan insurance;
  • we have developed close working relationships with a wide range of insurers and our professionalism and expertise is recognised by some of those who offer us discounted premium rates in return;
  • this helps us, of course, to ensure that any quote we offer you is likely to be as competitively priced as it is likely to get;
  • but don’t just take our word for that fact – if you live within a 25-mile radius of Whitstable, we guarantee that our local customers receive a quote that matches any other they may be able to find elsewhere, however hard they may have scoured the internet for that quote;
  • your loyalty is also something we prize and offer attractive discounts on any second insurance policy (of £150 or more) you arrange in addition to the first;
  • in similar fashion, we also offer a discount on your own premiums if you refer a friend or relative who subsequently buys their insurance (of £150 or more) from us;
  • special discounts are also available from serving and retired civil servants.

The next time you are thinking about support for local businesses and shopping from your local suppliers, you might want to remember that locally sourced products not only come in the form of food, but are just as available when it comes to your insurance needs.

The British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA) certainly supports that choice and you may find you not only enjoy better service but save money on the insurance you arrange.

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